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Wherever possible, it is important for us to make coming to school as inexpensive as possible, and so there are not very many occasions when you will need to pay for items while at school. 

When you do, we now have an easy, accessible system called ParentPay. 

How to pay for items



What about my balance from Pay360?

If you did not cash out your balance from Pay360 before the app closed, all is not lost! Email sladegreenadmin@habstrustsouth.org.uk with the amount and what accounts you paid it in to, and we will be able to trace it. Please be aware this may take some time. 

Why can't I pay for school dinners? 

This academic year, all children in London primary schools get their school meals free- however, it is still important to apply for free school meals

Why can I see clubs my child doesn't go to? 

You do not have to pay every payment item available to you on ParentPay, they are just available for the easy use of all. 

I don't have my login details

Email sladegreenadmin@habstrustsouth.org.uk and we will help you with this. 

I would rather pay by barcode

We would encourage parents and guardians to try the app because it is instant and very easy to use! We can issue a barcode if you do not find this accessible to you. 

Can I pay for uniform? 

We have an extensive second-hand uniform supply, which is given away completely free. Please come and speak to someone in the office for a discrete uniform bundle.