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Parents with limited internet access

Learning at home with limited internet access

If your internet access is very limited, for example you can only get online through your phone, you may not be able to download the packs and timetables which you need to home educate your child. 

If this is the case, we are happy to print packs in school for you to post to you. These will be the same packs as your child's peers are getting, so they will contain some links to websites but also lots of work you can complete without the internet. This is not necessary if you have the internet but no printer- your child can use what's on the screen as a guide to work directly into their homework book or onto a piece of paper. 

If your child requires this, please email their phase group leader so we can ensure the correct level of work is printed for them. 

sgtgheadofearlyyears@haaf.org.uk (Miss Poonian, Reception and Year 1)
sgtgassistantheadlowerks2@haaf.org.uk (Mrs Martinelli, Year 3 & 4)
sgtgassistantheadupperks2@haaf.org.uk (Ms Kelly, Year 2, 5 & 6)