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The Haberdashers' Pupil Experience

At Haberdashers' Academies Trust South, we believe in providing a comprehensive education that spans from early childhood to post -16 study. We understand that it takes time and consistency to nurture children and young people into individuals with strong character. 

Our schools embrace the unique diversities of their local areas in and around south east London. We are committed to ensuring that all our students thrive, regardless of their background or future aspirations. We believe it is crucial for them to have enriching experiences both inside and outside the classroom, which open doors and broaden their horizons. 

We strive to create a seamless transition between different stages of education, ensuring that primary pupils have guaranteed places in our secondary schools (applications must still be made via the local authority). 

The curriculum across our schools is designed to cultivate a sense of community and global citizenship in our pupils. We aim to prepare them for an ever-changing future by providing a well-rounded education, equipping them with the necessary tools, opportunities and self-assurance to achieve their full potential.  

Dragon's Den

Annually, the Haberdashers' Trust participates in a Dragon's Den Competition, and we are proud to announce we have won for the second year running! Watch our winning entry here.

Haberdashers' Advantage

The Haberdashers' Advantage programme is a unique offering in our schools. It empowers our children and young people to focus on their skills, talents, and abilities, fostering a positive mindset and enabling them to make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world.

From primary school to sixth form, all Haberdashers' students have the chance to participate in character-building experiences that help shape their futures. These opportunities are made possible through partnerships with the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers and other key organisations.

The programme revolves around three core areas: student leadership, futures, and community action. Through this comprehensive approach, our pupils gain the confidence, knowledge, and ambition to strive for their individual future paths.

Learn more about the Haberdashers' Advantage

Our Curriculum

When we plan our curriculum, we think of the child's whole journey through school from 3 to 18. Our approach is based on establishing strong learning foundations from the Early Years stage so that every child is rooted in key skills and knowledge from the outset. 

This provides building blocks for every child's learning journey helping them to make connections in their knowledge. Our curriculum follows statutory guidance but offers a global outlook that reflects the rich diversity of our school communities that is guided by the Haberdashers' Primary Teaching Principles and Secondary Teaching Principles and Curriculum Experience Model. Our results open doors to many post-school opportunities from apprenticeships to university.

Learn more about our Curriculum on our School Improvement Strategy page

Belong to a Lifelong Network

Being part of the Haberdashers' family means our pupils have access to an unrivalled network of industry leaders, providing unique opportunities. 

We are proud of the achievements of our alumni, many of whom choose to give their time and energy back to their schools by inspiring children with their own stories of success; choosing to teach or lead in our schools; or by supporting school leaders in governor roles. 

Learn more about our sponsors and the Haberdashers' family