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Our Behaviour Curriculum

At Haberdashers’ Slade Green (HSG), we aim to ensure that all our young people are happy and safe at school and are able to learn successfully within a supportive environment. Our school has high expectations for behaviour of all pupils, and these are reinforced through our core values of aspiration, achievement, self-discipline, personal responsibility and mutual respect. Our inclusive ethos promotes this, and we work hard to prevent and challenge any behaviours that may impede our pupils from achieving their full potential.  

We believe the most effective learning and teaching takes place in a well-managed environment. We aim to get to know and understand all our pupils well and ensure that every pupil has supportive relationships with school staff. We also believe that all our pupils have the right to learn, and all our teachers have the right to teach and use appropriate classroom management strategies. Our behaviour policy focuses on promoting the positive behaviours and routines which support successful learning and effective teaching.  

Behaviour Policy 

Class Dojo

 Children will be given dojo points for positive effort and behaviour.

The class with the most dojo points every week will get some extra play!

The child in each class with the most dojo points will get a positive postcard to bring home, which will be awarded in assembly.

Negative Behaviour

 We always want children to get back on track with their learning, and will work hard with your child to keep them on track.

If children display challenging behaviour in class, they will be added to the behaviour chart. Ticks will be added as consequences become more severe- but our main aim is to stop the negative cycle and get your child back on track!

Occasionally, for a serious incident, a child may go straight to a red or yellow card, which would result in missing out on some play and lunchtime to reflect on their behaviour. You would be contacted in such an incidence, to discuss the matter.


We take bullying very seriously at Haberdashers' Slade Green Primary, and any concerns will be dealt with swiftly and effectively. 

Anti-Bullying Policy 

 An essential part of tackling bullying is identifying when and if an incident is bullying, or if it is another type of negative behaviour. Please do have a read through if you are concerned about bullying: 

im concerned about bullying.pdf

 If a parent or guardian feels they need to report concerns about bullying, we ask that they use our bullying report form to help us get as much information as possible and resolve the incident as quickly as possible. 


Who should I contact about behaviour? 

The pastoral team are available to speak with you about behaviour. You can send them an email here